You're brilliant.

Humans are meaning-making machines. 

We can tell the same story in a million ways.

And they can all be true.

10 different people will interpret the same set of facts in 10 different ways. It all depends on how their life experiences have shaped their perception up to that point in their life. 

It all depends on how they choose to take life in (consciously or unconsciously).

The stories you tell yourself and others shape what you experience in life. What you get in life.

Your career stories are no exception.

But no one will believe a story that you don't believe to be true first.

And you know what? You are doing employers a favour when you believe in your brilliance. Because it is only when you recognize your brilliance that you can show it to them. And only then are they able to find you. Only then are they able to recognize that you are the perfect solution to their problem.

You are the perfect solution to an employer’s burning problem.

Don’t deprive them of the solution. Help employers find you. Help them see your brilliance.

If you need support with this, let's talk. 45 minute sessions are now open in my calendar. Book here.

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