Job Search From a Spiritual Lens

One of the reasons I decided to incorporate a spiritual lens in how I approach landing a job you love, is that time and time again, I’ve seen that after taking a simple DECISION to do something to get unstuck, a positive change in external circumstances follows.

It shouldn't make sense, because at the end of the day you didn't actually DO anything to cause that result.

But what if you actually did?

Based on my investigations so far into what we know about the nature of consciousness + insights from my own personal experiences + insights from other lived experiences, I opened up to the idea that changes in our consciousness may indeed trigger changes in our reality.

It’s an idea I’m still investigating and seeking to learn more about. And while for now I can’t offer a neat, science-backed explanation that screams ‘YUP, IT'S TRUE’ & ‘AND HERE IS EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS’, I'll be real with you - I reached this conclusion based on both the evidence I observed, and continue to observe, as well as my INTUITIVE KNOWING.

I see both science and intuition as LENSES through which we view the world, and I value them both immensely.

I am someone with a solid understanding of the scientific method - I hold two research degrees from top universities in Psychology & Education + part of my undergraduate research work was published in a peer-reviewed academic journal. I worked as a user experience researcher with startups & with Google. I can approach problems systematically & I am an excellent strategist.

I am also someone for whom spirituality is an important part of life. I take decisions intuitively. I believe we are all interconnected, and that we affect one another in subtle ways we don’t yet fully understand. I play with spiritual ideas such as life presenting you with the lessons you need to learn again and again, until you master them. And I think death is not quite the end.

In the past two years I’ve been working to bring these two sides of me together. Which is probably what sparked my interest in the nature of consciousness and what it means for how we live.

And as my investigations led me to strongly suspect that consciousness does affect reality, I decided to incorporate this understanding into my work at Worthful Woman.

If this speaks to you and you want to experience how spiritual wisdom blended with job search strategy and psychology insights can help you land a job you love, you can book a taster session with me here.

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