Perception is the secret ingredient to job search success

“Job search success ultimately boils down to how people perceive the world.”

Allow me to explain what I mean by that.

When it comes to finding your next job, you need to consider two sides of how people perceive the world:

Firstly, you need to consider how you perceive yourself, and what you perceive to be possible for you.

Do you believe that you’re qualified for the role you want? Do you really believe you’re the best choice for that job? (If you wouldn’t hire yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt, how can you expect someone else to do it?)

Which job opportunities do you think you have a decent shot at? Which ones do you think are out of your league? And which opportunities are you not aware of?

Furthermore, you also need to consider how other people perceive you.

In other words, how anyone who can influence the success of your job search perceives you. For example, how a recruiter may perceive you on a screening call. Or how your would-be manager perceives you in an interview. Or how other people, who are not even involved in the hiring process, but who could surface interesting opportunities for you (through their network or even simply by forwarding the job posting of your dreams), perceive you – in real life, on LinkedIn, when they meet you in a Zoom breakout room. Can they easily understand your background, what roles you’re looking for, and why it’s a no-brainer you’d be a great fit for these roles? Will you be the first person in their mind when they have a opening, or when they hear of an opening that would be a great fit for you?

To make it highly likely that you receive interview invitations and offers for jobs that you’d love, you need to make the value you bring visible and crystal-clear – both to yourself and to anyone else who can get you closer to these jobs.

My mini-course “How to Uncover Your Unique Value and Use It to Attract the Right People in Your Network” teaches you super-simple, quick, and powerful ways of doing just that.

Are you ready to shift perceptions and land a job you love?

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