Here’s Why Networking Is Totally Worth It

Ah, job search and networking.

As if job applications weren’t enough work already.

I get it. Networking can feel tedious, awkward, and if you’re an introvert like me, tiring.

You might also feel that you don’t even know where to start.

So you just decide to not do it.

Which I strongly believe is a disservice to yourself.

And which is why in this newsletter, I’d like to show you why networking is an amazing tool to have in your job search toolbox.

And hopefully convince you to engage in it a little bit more, so you can reap its rewards. 😉

The first thing you need to understand is that networking is not just about referrals.

(Referrals are definitely valuable though!)

Referrals are just one manifestation of how networking can get you closer and closer to your next job.

Other manifestations can look like:

  • Someone in your network forwards a job posting to you, that is perfect for you, and that you weren’t aware previously aware of. You decide to apply, get called in for an interview, then another one, then you get the job.

  • Someone points you to a group on social media (example) where you can share what role you’re looking for, and other members can share job opportunities or other leads with you.

  • Someone points you to an event or competition in your field of interest (example), where you can expand your network in your industry, hear of cool opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise, or even proactively pitch your skills to companies that need them.

  • … and so much more!

In short, even if someone is not in your industry, or doesn’t work at a company you’re interested in, or is not willing to refer you, or…

(You get the idea)

… they can still provide you with an invaluable stepping stone towards your next job.

Never underestimate this.

We’re stronger together.

PS: If you need support with taking your first steps networking for your job search, it would be my pleasure to help you. This mini course also has easy & efficient tips to get you started with networking via LinkedIn (it’s not the only way to network for your job search, but it’s a great one).

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