PLEASE don't promote your competition on your LinkedIn profile

You're probably doing it right now

Looking for a job? Don’t accidentally promote your competition.

On the right of your LinkedIn profile (on a computer), or just below it (on mobile), you'll notice a section called 'People also viewed', which lists other LinkedIn profiles that viewers of your profile have visited. If you are currently job searching, chances are high that some of these people are competing for the same types of jobs as you, and have similar qualifications.

And if someone with decision making power in your job search looks over your profile, there's a risk they'll also look at these other profiles.

Worst case scenario, they'll get distracted by a profile from this list, and navigate away from your own.

But did you know you can actually remove this section? Follow these steps:

1) Go to 'Settings and Privacy'.
2) Under the “Account preferences” section, deactivate "Viewers of this profile also viewed". It should look like this:

3) Enjoy all the attention 😉

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